Aggregate Industries Financial Management

We help successful individuals and corporations involved in the aggregate and road building industries across Canada build wealth inside and outside of their businesses. We run a comprehensive and consultative wealth management practice and by using our team of experts help our clients with their transition and financial planning so they can have peace of mind. Contact Us

The Jim Sanderson Group works exclusively within the aggregate and road building industries across Canada. We understand your business which is why you are our best clients. Our specialization has helped identify your unique needs and main concerns and allows Jim and his team of experts to provide solutions to help with your succession and financial planning.

Jim has found that many operators in these industries are working with the day to day challenges of license applications, tendering processes and running the business. Subsequently, they are not positioned to transition their business and are often in need of comprehensive financial planning.

The fact is you have two choices:

1) selling your business to a family member or third party when you want to,

2) or not.

We help you put the pieces together and have all of the tools to bring solutions to meet all of your individual needs with a plan you can follow. We help you create a plan for life after your aggregate and roadbuilding business.

Jim Sanderson, an associate member of the OSSGA, ORBA, and APABC works with his experts in merchant banking, insurance, legal counsel, trusts and estates. We utilize asset class investing and help our clients with all aspects of their wealth planning.

We provide exceptional service and work with our clients at their place of business. We respect your time and only work with clients when we can provide real value. If you would like a second opinion on your current strategy please Contact Us.